Marketing and Sales

It has been proven that an average product with good Marketing beats an excellent product with poor Marketing. From Advertising to Public Relations, Online Marketing to Ad Placements, all of these should be marketed properly and be exposed to the right people. Our VA Ninja Team are trained to take your Sales & Marketing from out of control to systemised and strategic.

  • Manage social media accounts for your business

    You might be surprised that socials are now considered as a strong tool to market services and gather customers. We can create accounts for you or if you have an existing one, let us update your clients via posts, file sharing, catching up and the likes!

  • Create and promote Facebook pages

    Facebook pages are usually a private or public page specifically intended for a chosen group of people. With your many affiliations, we could create and manage one for you.

  • Create Facebook Advertisements

    Promote videos, an upcoming event or a webinar! We also do analytics via FB Ads to identify the strength of your ads and target the right people.

  • Creating social media accounts

    Set up your Busineses Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

  • Schedule social media posts

    You don’t have to set your alarm to remind you about posting that video on your page. We don’t have to either. We can automate your posts for you!

  • Article Marketing

    Creating blog posts, contents, and pages for your site to market your services and products.

  • E-Mail Marketing

    Get your marketing strategies across your clients via e-mail. Guess what, of course we also have that in the bag!