Client Relations / Customer Service

Maintaining customer communication is very important. We know that products are not effective without good customer service from a Company’s workforce. Of course we would not miss that! Apart from helping you with Tools, Promotion and Filing, our VA Ninja Team can personally be in touch with your Clients as well. Here are some of the Customer Service related functions our VA Ninja Team can offer;

  • Setting appointments with clients

    Want to meet with your client? Give us the time and date plus other details and we’ll do the arrangements for you

  • Send greeting cards to clients

    Let them know you care. Tell us what you want to say and we guarantee you we will let them know

  • Follow-up inactive clients

    Ever wondered why you haven’t heard from your client for a while? We might have the solution for that. Our ninjas could update them through social media, e-mail or even a personalised message from you!