Business Management

Letting customers know that you care and that all their concerns are addressed even after their purchase is one of the vital keys of client retention. Monitor your business as our VA Ninjas assist you in doing that.

  • Maintain a database of clients

    It’s time to de-clutter your clients and prospects! Save time by targeting your e-mails to specific groups with an organized client database. We could also do the follow ups and announcements for you to keep in touch with your clients.

  • Create a method to get leads into the database

    Filter your target market and turn them into leads! We can setup landing pages and opt in forms for you to target the right people to sell your product or service to.

  • Schedule automated e-mails

    One of the greatest things technology has to offer is for you to do less. Let’s maximise your time by letting us automate your emails according to your choice of time and date

  • Create webinars

    Are you running a Webinar? Let our VA ninja Team set it up for you and send out the invitations to your Clients or Prospects.

  • Migrating data

    Migrating data is common especially with all the present day tools that needs integration. All we need are the right logins and voila!

  • Integrating CRM tool into sites such as WordPress

    Your website is a very strong avenue for people to know more about your business. We will help you gather these people visiting your site through integrations and turn them into customers.