Zendesk builds on this definition of help desk software by creating a powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations.

You can quickly and easily increase productivity by automating business rules via triggers and automations, and by creating predetermined responses (known as “macros”) to frequently asked questions.

Customers appreciate having a single point of contact to get help for their issues. Zendesk enables conversations web, email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, online chat, community forums, knowledge bases and more.

No matter how your customer contacts you, Zendesk centralizes all communication so nothing gets ignored.

Zendesk Tutorial 1

Zendesk Overview

Zendesk Tutorial 2

Zendesk Review, Manage client request with ease

Zendesk Tutorial 3

Showing How to use the Zendesk Application

Zendesk Tutorial 4

Getting started with the Yast widget for Zendesk