Kym Williams Handouts – 2013

Session 1Building vs Growing a successful business through automating your systems and processes NOV 13

Session 1 Kym WilliamsHandout 1 – Building vs Growing Matrix

Session 1 Kym WilliamsHandout 2 – Kotters 8 Step Change Model

Session 1 Kym WilliamsHandout 3 – Org Strategic Plan Template (print 2 sided)

Session 1 Kym WilliamsHandout 4 – Role Clarity Matrix (based on slide 13)

Session 2Embedding a High Performance Culture in Your Business Through an Above the Line Mindset NOV 13

Session 2 Kym Williams Handout 1 – Above the Line Tool and specific behaviours (print 2 sided)

Session 2 Kym Williams Handout 2 – Consultant Daily Habits

Session 2 Kym Williams Handout 3 – Individual Daily Habits


Session 1 Shifting Mindsets: Opening the Doors and Windows to Positive Change in your Business

Session 2 Bringing Automation and Systemisation to Life in your Business

FM-PEO-017 KRA/KPI Individual Performance Assessment

PO-PEO-007 Employee Incentive Scheme

Template Documentation of tasks and activities

Template Tasks You Can Outsource