Jing can save images and video just like you’re probably used to. However Jing also has an extra card up its sleeve. Consider this scenario: You want all parents to watch a 2-minute video you made about a new school-provided online resource. You could make the video, then save it, then attach it to an email and send it out. But videos can have a large file size. It’s likely some parents will have problems either because they have slower Internet connections or their email accounts won’t allow certain size attachments.

Recap and Takeaways Specific to Education

  • Jing is free, and never expires. With Jing you can capture images and video. Videos are limited to 5 minutes in length.
  • Jing videos can include audio. Jing looks for your default audio input. Usually that’s your microphone.
  • Since Jing requires a valid email address, it can create challenges for letting students use Jing at school. Currently TechSmith does not have an alternative.
  • Screencast.com comes with Jing and it’s a great place to store your Jing content. You receive 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of transfer storage per month. You don’t ever have to go to Screencast.com, but there are a lot of things you can do on the site.

Jing Tutorial 1

A more comprehensive overview of using Jing for beginners.

Jing Tutorial 2

Download and Install Jing

Jing Tutorial 3

How to Screencast using Jing

Jing Tutorial 4

Saving, Uploading and Sharing Your Screencast with Jing

Jing Tutorial 5

How to Use Jing Take Screenshots of any Website