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How to Create a Mind Map

Online surveys

How to run Webinars

Project Management

Database management

Screen recordings

Data storage

Hire an intern

Purchasing domain names

Hosting websites

Transfer funds overseas

Outsourcing I.T. jobs overseas

How to do a podcast

Opt in data capture

Design work

Print on demand – creating books

Online booking for events

Software for managing Virtual Assistants

Mind Mapping Software

Watching flash on an iPhone

Editing and adding text to images for presentations

Saving voice files to iPhone

Saving images to iPhone

Recording Webinars

Storing Audio

Powerpoint for Mac

VA’s calling Australian business

Combine Social Media Accounts

File interesting information

Embed a quiz onto your website

Free Images

Cool Intros & Outros for videos

Compress & Convert video files

Shows where big files are on a Mac computer if you run out of space.

Print books for as little as $2 – $5

FREE Headlines for your marketing

Process payments automatically

Tools for Taking notes on an Ipad

Organise Social Media (FB, Twitter, Linkedin)

Transfer Voice recording that can be Emailed

Take image of Business Cards and store & also add to Linkedin

Templates to improve Keynote presentations (Mac only)

Direct Debit customer accounts

Add interesting facts and statistics to your presentations

Free/Shared Images

Registration tool for events & taking bookings